More than just a pretty picture.

Since 2008, harr Creative has been the expert in providing high quality real estate photography, virtual tours, floor-plans, lifestyle videos and more. With a team of real estate photographers and industry professionals, harr Creative allows them to know their clients’ exact needs and complete the task efficiently and professionally.

Real estate photography has proven to be the perfect niche for harr Creative. Our photographers’ passion for architecture and careful attention to detail is apparent when looking at our photos.

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Who Do We Serve?

As a real estate agent, you know the housing marketing can be quite competitive and move quicker than other industries. With the aid of our home photography and virtual tours, potential home buyers can search the housing market with speed, allowing them to decide which houses they are interested in and which do not appeal to them. This service not only saves both the real estate agent and the home-buyer valuable time, but paint a visual story of the home they’re looking at. Homes that are professionally photographed receive more interest, as the first impression to most buyers will occur online.

In addition to our strong relationships with real estate agents, we also collaborate with outside, complementary industries such as interior designers, builders, and apartment & condo associations. No matter which industry you work in, our photographers are equip and ready to assist you with all your photography needs!