Real Estate Listing Photos Simplified

harr Creative is your local source for real estate listing photography, virtual tours, 360 tours, lifestyle videos and more. We specialize in providing real estate professionals with high quality photos for affordable prices. No other company is better situated to handle your real estate photo & video needs. On this website you can book your next photo shoot, or contact us for more information.

Jacob Harr is a local photographer who is passionate about photography both inside and outside of work. He started harr Creative in 2008 and moved the business to Grand Rapids in 2009. Before long, Jacob saw a need in the local market for a photography firm that truly focused on real estate listing photos. Real estate photography was the perfect niche for Jacob’s business because he has a passion for architecture, and jokes that “he knew he didn’t want to do wedding photos”.


Who Do We Serve?


With the aid of our photography and virtual tours, potential buyers can search the housing market with speed, allowing them to decide which houses they are interested in and to easily eliminate those houses that do not appeal to them. This service saves both the agent and the customer valuable time.


Virtual tours enable builders to display what houses or commercial buildings are currently available and the work they have done in the past. Clearly demonstrating to potential clients the quality workmanship that they can expect in their future homes or commercial buildings.

Apartment & Condo Associations

By exploring virtual tours, potential renters can quickly scan which apartment will meet their needs. Providing potential renters virtual tours of your properties, will give you an advantage over other apartment owners.

Interior Decorators

Through skilled photography, harr Creative is able to better help showcase the work of local interior design professionals. Such photography can then be used to make your marketing shine, and, most importantly, attract new clients.