Terms & Conditions

With the purchase of harr Creative services, you are entitled to use the material provided by harr Creative for your marketing purposes. The material created by harr Creative may not be resold or distributed without the express written consent of harr Creative. harr Creative reserves the right to use any of the material we create for any purpose, including for our marketing material. We also reserve the right to resell or redistribute any of the material we create. 

Cancellation Policy

When an appointment is cancelled before 5PM the day prior to the scheduled photoshoot, no fee will be applied. If any appointment is canceled by you after 5PM the day before the scheduled photoshoot, then we reserve the right to charge a $49 cancelation fee and (if applicable) a mileage fee. If our photographer is uncomfortable entering a house for any reason (for example, if a dog, other animal or potentially unsafe condition is present) then we reserve the right to charge a $49 cancellation fee and (if applicable) a mileage fee unless the owner is present and is able to immediately correct any potentially unsafe condition.

It is up to our clients to keep an eye on the weather and let us know by 5PM the evening prior if you would like to reschedule due to poor weather. If you cancel after 5PM the cancellation fee will be charged. If you would like us to complete interior photos and come back for exterior photos, we will adjust the order if applicable (EX: downgrade from Essentials to Highlights if interior will only have 20 photos). You will need to order an Exterior Photos photoshoot for another day. 

If we are unable to complete the photoshoot because we cannot fly the drone or complete exterior video footage due to weather conditions, there is no charge for us to return. 

If you are unhappy with the photos due to the weather, you will need to place an order for an Exterior Photos photoshoot. 

Refund Policy

Your satisfaction is incredibly important to us. If you are not fully satisfied, please let us know and we will redo the work. If you are still not fully satisfied after the reshoot has taken place, we will issue a full refund. Written notice must be provided within 30 days of the photoshoot to receive a reshoot or a refund. 

Additional Charges Policy 

harr Creative will charge an additional fee for services provided to additional buildings on the property. This includes, but is not limited to additional Floor Plans, Matterport Tours, and Videos. Please see the ‘Learn More’ section for specific pricing of each item. This applies to detached garages, pole barns, in-law apartments, pool house, additional buildings on the property, etc.